My name is Law, I was born and raised in London, England. I spent the first two decades of my life In the capital, becoming used to the busy streets, the sleepless City and all the diverse inhabitants that came with it. In my twenties i left the big city and moved to the country in Sussex. Strangely enough, this is where my interest in photography finally peaked. 

As s child, on family holidays, I was fascinated with my fathers camera and the photos he took. On occasion he would try to show me how to take a photograph, it filled my mind with endless wonder of what could be done with such a format. As interested as I was at the time, I soon forgot it all, childhood can do that.

It wasn't until I hit my twenties that my young curiosities of the art finally came back to me. Bored with any other types of work, I took the leap and purchased my first camera. I returned to my fathers knowledge and with that I was ready to get snapping. 

A decade later, now living in Taunton, Somerset. I find myself a freelance photographer, more enchanted by it than ever and learning new skills/ideas every day. 

My love has always been to capture the individual, the moment. Trying to find what is unique about the person and bring it to light. After all, photography is painting with light. So my main interest lies in portraiture and fashion.

My fondness for other genres of photography has grown in time. Usually sparked by accident after being asked by friends or contacts to photograph something for them. Such as children, new born, family portraits, Nature, food & drink, still life and all types of conceptual and surreal projects.

I hope you enjoy my work and galleries.

I'm always looking to work with artistic people who have a creative flair and ideas to create something unique. So please get in contact if you are interested in any queries or projects.


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